Friday, December 23, 2011

To Sing a New Song

Sing a new song…

My spirit longs,
But flowery words are never quite enough, are they?
There's always a simpler, truer
Way to say what one wants to say.
But it's never quite said,
It's just longed for,
And how long it is.

And yet a song…

The love of Elohim is more beautiful
Than any rose and more than any flower.
And the love of Elohim is strong,
Stronger than any manmade tower.
And the love of Yahweh is moving,
Such that you can sit still and feel its power.

And so.
But how about a new song?

Here I am, once again…

No, a new song.
A song of freedom this time, and just as honest—
One that bursts up from the depths
And falls from the sky
And floats through the air.

Can you hear the melody?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Chronicles of Nowhere

Just a quick post about my newest project, The Chronicles of Nowhere.

You can visit the official website:

Or you can visit and like the Facebook page:

I'm quite excited to working on this project and hope that I can make it as interactive as possible. Feel free to follow along as the books and the world of Suburbanism beging to take shape!