Thursday, December 4, 2014

Heartbeat and Mine

One day we’ll get it just right,
You and I,
Where your hand clasps mine
Just right.

Meaning that though we’ve got it all now,
That one day the earth will see
And beware the coming fire
That we will make.

Like two waves coming together as one,
The breeze that ripples a tune on a grassy hill,
A tortoise winning the race,
Or a comet slinging past the sun.

What was strong
Will be strongest.
What was lovely
Will be loveliest.

With your hand in mine,
We breathe with the life in us,
The fire running through us,
And a heart beating, beating with a heart.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where the Floorboards Creak

Softly now,
Or else she might hear.

Don’t talk now,
Or else the wild ones might know.

Better to not move,
For the mayor’s nearby.

Quietly sift,
This grain isn’t your own!

Blood red images of taken
Bread and salt shaker
I didn’t go fast enough
To escape the mess talking
Along a valley cliff
Trees opened close to me
On both sides they ran
On my mind we screamed
And I take and I can’t
But it wasn’t me, that bread
Salt shaker quilt cranny
A cranberry for the nook
The snout is bright blood red!

“You thief!” he yelled,
And I knew he wasn’t wrong.