Sunday, May 12, 2013


A wonderful beauty that is home,
A wonderful woman we all need,
And that’s just the beginning.

And it doesn’t end till the day I’m done,
Because my mother is certainly with me till then,
If not longer.

"Like mother, like daughter" is a phrase that is sometimes used,
Mostly for good,
To tell the truth that a daughter
Learned a lot from her mother.

And "mother’s boy" is a phrase sometimes used,
Mostly for bad,
To describe a son that refuses to learn his life lessons
And hang on to home for a little too long.

But perhaps the latter phrase needs to be reassessed,
Or maybe a new phrase discovered,
To describe the man who has become better
Because of all his mother has taught him.

That’s one of the things I think about
On Mother’s Day,
How maybe even half of the influences that make me and have made me
Recall back to my mother.

All that love,
All that beauty,
I understand,
I know—
I learn this great lesson
That for sons and daughters alike
We can seek out these great blessings
Of love and beauty
And know they make home.