Friday, March 23, 2012

A Whimsy

Cora sat on the
Edge of the lake, where she would
Hear the wind whisper.

It told her stories
Of life and love and the passed
Days of bright sunshine,

When sometimes people
Would look at the ground and not
At the bright blue skies.

But she always looked
At the sky, or at least its
Wavy reflection,

Because she found that
It often helped her to have
Two perspectives of

The issue at hand.
Because life had ups and downs,
Like a sine wave graph.

If you could see it
How somebody else saw it,
Then maybe when the

Autumn leaves fell in
The lake, obscuring vision,
You wouldn’t lose sight

Of reality
Or any of her nicest
Flowery maidens.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Faith and Hope

And the bright stars found us again,
Waiting for the dawn.
And I've stood under these stars before,
With the love of the saints and their song.
I've stood on the foundation
And felt my heart beating
To the rhythm of the universe,
To the rhythm of the waves breaking on the shore,
To the rhythm of a breath
Breathing along with mine.

And I've stood under the rain
Of broken cisterns that can hold no water,
That could never hold any water.
And I've run from myself
And I've run from my King
And I've longed to return again
Because my heart is still beating—
It keeps pumping my blood.

And I've seen the daughters of men
Weeping with holes in their hearts
The size of a double-edged sword
Mistakenly wielded and turned within.
And I've seen pain become bitterness,
Where the broken and torn hearts fester
And never seem to catch enough of the healing water—
Could never hold the water that lives and breathes.

I've been there and seen these
And continue to stand there
Because I know.

And I'm confident
And I expect.
There's a new song coming
And a new dance to go with it.
There's a place where the day dawns
Into a bright blue sky,
Where my pain
And the pain of the ones I love
Burns away in the warmth
And washes away in the sweet dew
On the hills in the land
That we will call home.

And right now we have your love
And we have my love—
And your hands are with mine.
Blood still flows through our veins;
We still have the ground beneath our feet;
Our lungs still breathe in and breathe out.

I will never give in
To the worst of our fears.
I will never back down
From what I know is true.
I will find something beautiful
And nurture it back to life again.