Saturday, June 7, 2014

Glow, Ember, Glow

Quite a way out
From where he laid down his life
And his friends lost their disbelief,

I didn’t gain the nerve
To dance to the music.

The melody sometimes
Is like a wave washing
Through green leaf trees
And a cup of tea that leaves
A little sweat on your brow
And a little freedom in your limbs.

You move and you move
And the movement is everything.
You sing and you dance
And the movement is everything.

You gather your friends and your family
And march down the street
With a guitar and a drum
Singing to the beat
Of a song that is like fire
With long-lasting embers
For a body full of life
And sweet hymns in its members.

Sing true, dance free,
Breath of life be in you.
Sweet Savior of mine I know,
May my stillness discontinue.

For then we rise in freedom.
For then we sail the seas.
Then we raise our voices.
And now come dance with me.