Sunday, December 29, 2013


Fear is a wicked creature
Dressed in a black robe
Covered in filth
With the sweetest honey tongue

A liar, a crook
That tells us everything that’s worst
That will be
Is the most definite of truths

A darkening onset
Of clouded skies
Dark forests
Pitch-black caves

Writing on the walls
With cascading dark symbols
That draw circles
Where bad omens lead to bad omens.

Fear says there is no light.
Fear says there is no right.
Fear says there is no way through.
Fear says there is no you.

Fear is the great outer violent gnashing,
Where you cast souls into oblivion
Eternal, forever.
And if eternal, then always.

It always will be, always is,
And it always was.

“I never knew you”
Makes me want to weep.
Because I think of all those
What if they don’t make it?

But instead I ought to hope
Because fear belongs out there
Beyond the beyond empty
Where there is nothing.

Because fear is not.