Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rejoice, Rejoice

Rejoice for the day
of the redemption of the saints.
Rejoice for the hour
of salvation for the wounded.

Sing on the way
so that not a single soul faints.
Sing with great power
to tell the enemy he is ended.

We will be glad for what is done
and we will dance like our youth.
For the joy of overcoming sorrows
is born in the light of great truth.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Lights

Stars, my friend, must be one of the things
That keep me up at night,
Because they are just like the sun:
Even when clouds cover my vision
I still have expectant confidence that
They are there.

And beyond that,
They remind me of you—
All the things you’ve done,
All the things you do
And all the things I don’t know yet.

They remind me of my life,
A gift I’ve received to use to shine.
Maybe it’s been hidden away for some time,
But maybe I let it out every now and then
When I remember the lights above
And how they keep me up at night.

No matter how dizzying the evening becomes,
I know I have something to hold on to,
Like you and all of life that’s true.
So just show me the way
And I will hike on
With the earth beneath me,
With my heart still beating,
With the lights above...
With the lights at my side...
With light healing...
With light...
With light....

So comes the dark night,
But there is light.