Sunday, December 29, 2013


Fear is a wicked creature
Dressed in a black robe
Covered in filth
With the sweetest honey tongue

A liar, a crook
That tells us everything that’s worst
That will be
Is the most definite of truths

A darkening onset
Of clouded skies
Dark forests
Pitch-black caves

Writing on the walls
With cascading dark symbols
That draw circles
Where bad omens lead to bad omens.

Fear says there is no light.
Fear says there is no right.
Fear says there is no way through.
Fear says there is no you.

Fear is the great outer violent gnashing,
Where you cast souls into oblivion
Eternal, forever.
And if eternal, then always.

It always will be, always is,
And it always was.

“I never knew you”
Makes me want to weep.
Because I think of all those
What if they don’t make it?

But instead I ought to hope
Because fear belongs out there
Beyond the beyond empty
Where there is nothing.

Because fear is not.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We are Free

You are free
Free to me
So let us sing a song
And dance a dance.
Oh freedom, you are free to me.

By the bells and the beckoning
We rose together
By the truth and the prophecy
We live forever.

Sweet rivers of life
Little girl to me
Run through your veins
And it is I who see

Best of all
The woodland creatures don’t know
Where we hide away
When the weather turns to snow.

But we know, my dear,
Everything there is to love
And every gift we cherish
From the light from above.

And we are free
To you and me, we are free.
We made it this far
Let’s journey onward.

And let us forget
The terrors of the dark
That sometimes capture us
Because we forgot to bring matches.

But we are free.
To be you and me
We are free.
Now I see.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


A wonderful beauty that is home,
A wonderful woman we all need,
And that’s just the beginning.

And it doesn’t end till the day I’m done,
Because my mother is certainly with me till then,
If not longer.

"Like mother, like daughter" is a phrase that is sometimes used,
Mostly for good,
To tell the truth that a daughter
Learned a lot from her mother.

And "mother’s boy" is a phrase sometimes used,
Mostly for bad,
To describe a son that refuses to learn his life lessons
And hang on to home for a little too long.

But perhaps the latter phrase needs to be reassessed,
Or maybe a new phrase discovered,
To describe the man who has become better
Because of all his mother has taught him.

That’s one of the things I think about
On Mother’s Day,
How maybe even half of the influences that make me and have made me
Recall back to my mother.

All that love,
All that beauty,
I understand,
I know—
I learn this great lesson
That for sons and daughters alike
We can seek out these great blessings
Of love and beauty
And know they make home.