Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Conclusion

The day of dawning
When we leave the gloaming
Behind us and forget
About the darkened limn

When the city gates open
And in marches the king
Expectant in radiant joy
To give a hug to every single one of us

For the conclusion of the love story
That I do not comprehend
Or how we gain this unity
Before the unrelenting end

I don’t have the words to say
The praise that is perfect to say
The hope that screams within to say
Let us work for it together today

I’ve seen the persistent light at the edges
The miracle of life within ashes
The strength of truth defeating lies
And so I believe in the conclusion

Of this most magnificent love story.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chronicles of Nowhere Part 2 Update #2

The first draft of The Chronicles of Nowhere: Part 2 is complete!

In order to share this with the world, I've turned right around and started in the on the second draft.  This draft will include grammar fixes, tightening of prose, and any major or minor revisions I find necessary.

This also means that the wait for the second part of these Chronicles is coming soon, at long last!  I never meant to have people wait almost four years, honest!  I look forward to releasing it once it's ready.

More updates to come!