Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Love for You Isn't Safe

If I had known from the beginning
That my love for you isn’t safe,
I wouldn’t have told you how thankful
I am for how much you care for
Doing the right thing and protecting
The good and the true and me.

I would have lay awake under the stars
And drifted to sleep thinking about
Someone other than you.

But now danger has come to remind me again
Of all that could go wrong when we
Lack the focus that is stolen
When we let our emotions carry away
Our sensibility and awareness
Of the traps closing in around us.

I wouldn’t have come to you last night
To feel the pull and strength of your arms,
Had I know that my love for you isn’t safe.
With the release of every chapter of Below the Land, I will be posting a companion poem. This is the poem related to Chapter 21.

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