Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Great Changer War

Clashing of mighty power
Tearing down the heights
Fomenting war’s beating drum
Picking battles and finding fights
Terrible torture of the dark ones
Quiet abstinence of the light
Fighting for home and nation
Finding difficult what is right

They come now to Quake Town
Determined to end this endeavor
Battling for nation or evil intentions
Knowing this can’t go on forever
They whittle down their numbers
To only a few banded together
And one who sacrifices himself
To ensure life in the land isn’t severed

Take to heart this lesson
That there are bad and loyal and good
Your heart is caught between
Using your abilities as you would
And the cry for release from struggle
When you already know you should
Control these longings for freedom
Even though you know you never could

For the sake of your friends and the world.
With the release of every chapter of Below the Land, I will be posting a companion poem. This is the poem related to Chapter 24.

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